Cos and Effect 2012

HAHAHAH the summer time convection as upon us at Cos and Effect 2012. 2nd year running and looking good. For the convention i was both Camilla D' Errico's "Pearl Dance" for Saturday and my entry in the costume contest that and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the more haphazard Skit contest. Pictured here is me as Pearl Dance taken by my fellow UVIC poke-clubber Myles.

Well dealers room was good. Glad they was one booth selling Dragons Exalted booster....thats Pokemon TCG. Happy because one of my three booster packs contained a rare Registeel EX. One booth had poke-plush keychains on and hand plus ooooo a discounted Strike Witch plush keychain named Charlotte Yeager. Strike witches is a mecha musume series revolving around fighter planes rendered as cute girls with REALLY big guns....and they have cute animal ears and tails:) Charlotte is based off an American plane and has bunny ears:) She's being camera shy at the moment.

Artist Alley was good too.....I got myself a couple of buttons, pretty bookmarks and one fridge magnet of Canada, Quatchi, and Russia, which is now stuck on the well fridge.

As for the events, well we had the the professional make-up contest...wow. the Blue faced one won the top prize.

Plus we have the costume contest....wooowww. Winner of Master's..she made those dragons.

On the day of the skit oooo I was nervous why? I was in the skit contest doing circus tricks and partly improvised...due to the nature of my act I prefer partly improvised to calm my nerves. So what better way to built up courage then with a Pinky Pie Party....especially when you're dressed up as Rainbow Dash. I still have some nostalgia for My Little Pony and I used to have a My Little Pony that looked like Rainbow Dash, so that's why I dressed as her.

The party had everything horse food aka veggies, cupcakes, drinks, chips and sing a longs:) No alcohol involved and it was PARTY!!! It was kind of surreal to see several other "you"s in the same spot...we're all friendly with each other.

How did my circus go.My circus act was the Diabolos aka the Chinese yo-yo. Popular in Chinese circuses and notably in Cirque Du Soleil shows, which is where I got my set of Diabolos after the first set broke. Think part giant yo-yo and juggling combined. Everything was fine except for the fact they was one boo-boo and one near miss. However now comfortable with this kind of act, I didn't freeze up and panic on stage. 

This is what went through my head....

On the first mistaken....."Oh seit...get back here!!...stay calm...restart"

On the near miss called the 2nd toss aka Recovery...."Up....oh no its going to fail..(insert quick reflex )..WHAT how did i catc.....ok ok make it part of the show...untangle"

As a result of my great recovery technique, I got a prize for a category they made up on the spot..."Best recovery".Still looking for the video clip to see what exactly happened with the recovery. It was whirl of a convention and will post the rest of the pictures later on photobucket....heres a sample.

 Russia and Italy from APH
 Betty Page
Model for last year's  winner of the make-up contest? Nice:)

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