The Summer Festival at SFU

How does an anime/cosplayer like me celebrate the summer....with a summer Japanese festival with free admission!!!! I was cosplaying as Rainbow Dash....was very nervous at the same time because of the odd, accidently arrangement of my Rainbow Dash vest....but people seemed to like it:)

We got the cute stuff especially in the food department. Octopus balls and this cute dessert.

Plus we got the Yukata show

The vendors...some of them were selling stuff of course , I got prints mostly from http://www.mostlyimaginary.com/, one tiny figure and buttons (one of them from MRART). Plus I enter lots of contests some of them were holding.

No anime summer fest is complete with out Cosplay. We got DJ Pon3, Snow White and Rapunzel here:)

Plus no summer matsuri is complete with games....I played with bean bag toss, ring toss, colouring and fish catching with rice paper. The prizes being raffle tickets for a draw....I didnt win any raffle prize despite winning plenty of raffle prizes but I was close:)

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