Polish Mermaid Jaroslav

Meet Jaroslav. SHE yes she likes long walks on the beach and playing harp music like any person except.....DO NOT inquire why she gave herself a guy's name or why a mermaid lives on land exclusively. Many friend and foe have been knocked on the head with her harp. Check her at Cafepress--> http://www.cafepress.com/engel13bit/7914767

Jaroslav is based/inspired by the Mermaid/ Syrenka standing in the old town square in Warsaw, Poland. hence why Jaroslav is clad in bronzed armor...and the fact she's mermaid. Like Jaroslav, The Warsaw mermaid is armed and you do not want to mess with her. You can learn about her here at the official City of Warsaw website --> http://www.um.warszawa.pl/node/31670


The Summer Festival at SFU

How does an anime/cosplayer like me celebrate the summer....with a summer Japanese festival with free admission!!!! I was cosplaying as Rainbow Dash....was very nervous at the same time because of the odd, accidently arrangement of my Rainbow Dash vest....but people seemed to like it:)

We got the cute stuff especially in the food department. Octopus balls and this cute dessert.

Plus we got the Yukata show

The vendors...some of them were selling stuff of course , I got prints mostly from http://www.mostlyimaginary.com/, one tiny figure and buttons (one of them from MRART). Plus I enter lots of contests some of them were holding.

No anime summer fest is complete with out Cosplay. We got DJ Pon3, Snow White and Rapunzel here:)

Plus no summer matsuri is complete with games....I played with bean bag toss, ring toss, colouring and fish catching with rice paper. The prizes being raffle tickets for a draw....I didnt win any raffle prize despite winning plenty of raffle prizes but I was close:)



Krasue of Thailand

How are something from my Asia section...from Collection 3 set of No Passports! Miss Krasue. She based on the Thai flaoting head ghost but is really a zombie brought back to life via technology. From what life she never tells.....and growls at the mere mention. She is the matron of bubble tea stand in Bangkok.

Cafepress page --> http://www.cafepress.com/engel13bit/8214459


Minsky of Belarus

Meet Minsky of Belraus. Best friends with K. Kruna and the more action oriented of the two. She is a wind fairy and her hat can produce powerful gale force winds. In addition she is more of a romantic in comparison to the level headed book worm, wishing for the most extraordinary prince to come into her life.

Her Cafepress page


I like to call this piece....I HEART 8 Bit. Retro is sometimes the fashionable way to go.


K. Kruna of Slovakia

Here is the first of hopefully many profile posts...

meet K. Kruna of Slovakia. Coming at only 1 ft tall about...She is a book wormish flower fairy from Slovakia but don't underestimate a book worm. She has a flower for a head that can turn demonic and gobble up any thing that pesters her whether its mutant spiders, or giant feet that are about to eat or squish her. In addition combined with the deadly knowledge gained from books....she is very deadly, cute combo.

Her name K. Kruna is a play on words of the Slovakian translation for "flower crown" in reference to her flower head. Purples and pinks emphasize her status as a flower fairy and her clothing is based off traditional Slovak costumes.

Check her out here

Welcome first post of many

Welcome to my humble adobe called die blog:) My name is Engel Dreizehn or "Zehnny" for short. Yes I am a cyborg and I an artist by...by heart. No Passports! is my own little world where Polish mermaids exist, fairies are real, cyborgs(if you didnt know) are reality, and the laws of reality are constantly tested....all in a nice international flavor. :)

The main shop I sell my collections are here.

This is how I look like....nice shot isn't it