My Friends Are Djs - "Breezey and the Hum in Space #158-161"

Well this was inspired by the very real moments of...my friends performing in the same city as me but for some reason (often timing) we can't see each other and what I would somewhat love to do if possible. Yep those are real pictures taken by me from around the Seattle Center park complex, where the iconic Space Needle is located. In real life, yes one of my dj friends did give me a hat as a gift, which I still treasure and wear with honor to this day.


My Friends Are Djs #157 - "Night at the Knocks"

Was in a writer;s block of sorts however got inspired after a mini surprise, informal Q + A with Dada Life on stuff, like did they ever get kidnapped? Apparently they ended up at the wrong club after getting into the wrong car...it all started with the driver asking "are you the djs?". Dada Life did end at the right club in the end though.

The club "Tiny Knocks" is an exclusive club in comic universe Amsterdam. Why exclusive? It's only meant for tiny patrons with exclusive exceptions. The club is Madame Moray...Madame Mooring's (the eel from Pitz and the Missing Pipes) descendant. She's got more of temperament in comparison to her great-great grand parent but still in the family club-bar business.


My Friends Are Djs #156 - "Pizza Mind"

DJs nowadays seem to have this obession with pizza...Garrix being one with a single called Pizza! Wonder why?


My Friends Are Djs #154 - "Mori Legacy"

This poem and panel is dedicated to the djs in recent times who passed onwards...Avicii + Robert Miles included who made beautiful music that made me happy and will continue to be a well of beauty + happiness forever into time.


My Friends Are Djs #153 - "Spit Face"

I'm going to leave up to debatable on whether usage of corroding acidic poison is legit reason for guy problems. Female Venusians have deadlier poison in compare to males and Needlepoint's is the 2nd most potent on Venus.


My Friends Are Djs "Pitz and the Missing Pipes"

Well this is Pitz in Scribble Town and he has to find the missing pipes of Zelda, one fo the top musical acts in all of Scribble Town. She is in rivalry with new classical act "Austere and her Bows" over well inthe words of the acts..."there can only be one!"

Scribble Town and it's citizens are based old black-white cartoons from the 1920's-30's in black monochrome style, and surrealism cartooning (ex. talking tubas + breaded merchants). The pipe that follows Pitz around is named Tuba, and the overly affectionate-motherly Madame Mooring is pun off her being a Moray Eel who works near a mooring. Zelda is named after Zelda Fitzgerald