My Friends Are Djs #135-141 "Ethereal's Flight"

Well...tried to go for complex story arc and to explain one of the most mysterious and enigmatic djs in the coop...Ethereal the Stern Silence. The "wrap around" story is her attending one of Inkwell's workshops to "let it out". I just decided to focus on the "characters" rather then any scenery to keep it simple and write off the simplicity (which actually works better that way) as Ethereal not willing to admit the full carnage/details of what happened just yet. Art-style I went water colour wash surrealism, I usually do with Ethereal's segments..edged with softer "edge" within Ethereal's recollections at times to highlight it;s dream quality. Explored in addition the sisterly bond between Ethereal and Telu. Together as sisters but completely different in personalities. Went for a more emotional imagery poetry to match Ethereal's surreal-dreamy style.

The monster which causes the collapses is Lucid who has appeared (Here) before in panels and basically a living warning against/represents psychedelic drugs/vices, and dangerous overt romanticism of psychedelic/dreams. I've seen alot in clubs! Lucid the Lazy is considered very dangerous despite it's lazy nature, because of its nightmarish nature/effects of it's hallucinogenic gas. In the comic world..."stuff" derived from Lucid's gas (or bodily fluids) are extremely potent to nightmare levels.

We also get to meet the Lasher siblings, Needlepoint and Pincushion Lasher, when they were guns for hire "blood mashers". They are clients of Telu's black market data paddling. Needlepoint uses a rig with holographic energy (she can form any tool with blue energy) as her "arms" when "blood mashing". The Data in question...coordinates+directions to the Junk Planet and friend thing between Telu + Needlepoint. It's called the Junk Planet (+ the Moon) due to the sheer number of alien species/beings going there for various reasons. As some sentients would put it "The unwanted "trash" of the universe gather here"..."trash" like two alien mercenaries, and Neptunian siblings escaping peril.

See what esle is on the horizon


My Friends Are Djs #132-134 "Earworm Incident"

Just playing around and experimenting more with the multi-installment story telling...plus yes wanted to make an ear worm literally deadly for fun and to show the weird physics of this new world, the heroes inhabit. Showing off a bit of Etheral's offensive powers too...she may be the resident Trance Dj and the definition of airy "peace" and calm to her fans but she can pack a whaloop when push comes to shove!


My Friends Are Djs #131 - "Halloween Scares"

The mice (which is a parody of crazed-superficial fans) went up the rigging! Based on a real incident that did happen last weekend during Alan Walker's set at Escape. Some person did climb up the rigging with security in hot pursuit and music had to stop with the DJ telling the person to get down! People...don't do it...a broken leg and that kind of attention is not worth it! Enough said!


My Friends Are Djs #130 - "Still Hate Pomps"

Yep I just wanted to randomly again put Needlepoint in a pompom dress...and she still hates the dresses on the count it's painful-hard to move in for her...but she doesn't mind looking good. So it's kind of a running gag for her.


My Friends Are Djs #129 - "Worlds Swirled"

In my journeys meeting different djs, I discovered that basically each dj is like portal into another world, which becomes apparent when one travels across musical genres. So here we have Breezey and the Tv Heads traveling across a field of portals. Breezey is riding (via gravity manipulation) her beloved and handmade with love (by her mom, Seagull from scraps of fabric) plush whale, Mr. Splish-Splash.


My Friends Are Djs #128 - "Loving Space"

Thought of this repeating poem during a poem session and give Ethereal some spotlight. It's appropriate for her to convey this message because "Stern Silence" Ethereal does carry heavy emotional baggage from her earlier life on Neptune. Watercolour wash and pencil crayon mixed media.