My Friends Are Djs #73 - "Ordinary Benefits #1"

I don't know about you djs but being friends with ordinary people can have its benefits like...seeing how things look on the other side looking in, etc and things/interests that djs may been too busy to look up on tour like...the latest "Lady Dragon" book. It's an in-universe thing. I could elaborate more on this subject. The background is a highly filtered photo of of a movie set prop. PS I never had to loan any dj friends stuff...for now.


My Friends Are Djs #72 - "Fashion Choice"

One fo the thigns that really gets on my nerves int he clubing-dance music world is....why is it almost most of the time...(ok that's an over statement somewhat)...little skin covering bikinis with fashion choices for females being sold in "rave supply" shops. Yep not a fan of the overt sex appeal outfits in clubs and gets really boring if everyone is wearing it plus the cliche that goes with it. For me, I am super uncomfortable with showing any skin in clubs because I attract unwanted attention.

Oh meet Stitch'in Lasher....Needlepoint and Pin Cushion's sister. They're triplets. In comparison to her insane siblings (especially her look-like sister), Stitch'in is more subdued (as highlighted in her subdued purple colours) and is the resident fashion designer of the cast. With a touch of sarcasm when it comes to fashion trends.


My Friends Are Djs #71 - "Do Not Open"

Well was abit inspired by my task of having to guard all the Harry Potter books at work until the big day came to release them and it was a very important indeed not let anyone have a peek at them no questions. So rules goes in the dj world...release day means release day its a very important rule for many reasons like preserving the surprise and fun for fans...and the djs themselves making sure its just right the tracks. So fans no peeking or leaking stuff ok.


My Friends Are Djs #70 - Cracked

The inspiration for this is...do I even have to explain?! I getting really tired of this stereotype/idiot thinking that its the must do fashion here and making the sane "us's" look bad. From my experience in clubs from greatly suspecting people popping in crack(they always find of way of sneaking it in)...they don't end up well and end up ruining the night for other people in worse cases....trust me you do not want to end up in hospital or/and get the organizers in trouble as a result. Felt I really need to draw this out too after watching a video clip of a young EDM fan saying something along the lines of drugs are THE thing cause they enhance the experience. I have never taken drugs in my lifetime!

For this one went for the surreal-psychedelic approach with the top drug and the most dangerous in the comic's universe representing the danger of crack. Why is it dangerous? It's made the from gases and bodily fluids of Lucid the trippy sea-slug whose abilities cause vivid and dangerous hallucinations. Imagine drugs made from an alien sea slug demon to well nightmarish and alive to some extent. Edged the drawing with highlighters for a more dreamy edge.


My Friends Are Djs #69 - "Biblios"

Its actually a great joy, and bonding point for some fans to actually have similar interests (besides music) with their favorite djs. I feel that one of the ways I become sincere friends with my dj friends. Its really its a squeee moment when its true, for example I found out to my great amusement and joy my friends got hooked to Pokemon Go (I don't own a smart phone so no Go) and gamers in general too. Plus knowing post day is the same day as Harry Potter release...just had to do a book related thing.

The background was taken from the story section of Kidsbooks in Vancouver. Wanted something a little more active looking then a quiet library. Then distorted the image. The book the protagonists are interested in is called "Lady Dragon" a could be, future side project/story involving the titular "Lady Dragon" Deb, a broken but rebuilding dragon=like being living a 1920's/Black-White Cartoon era fantasy, town.


Gamer's Review - Lily Looking Through

Well even though this is a very short game (the ending felt abrupt and on a to be continued note), this is probably one of the most beautiful and serene point-click adventures I have ever played. The premise is you play as the titular Lily on journey to rescue her brother who was taken away by a mysterious red scarf. To help her in her journey she gains a pair of magical googles that allow her to look into the past.

Gameplay is typical of point click games as you are guiding Lily to "hot spots" and solving puzzles to move the story along. At the same time the interface felt stream-line and casual in nature. What I like about the art style is...it feels like story book illustrations. You're switching between the "seen better days" future and the bright, greenery of the utopian past, all through the eyes of an innocent child named Lily. I like Lily because other being a child, adventurer who immediately goes after her brother despite the possible danger, in this dystopian future she still manages to have fun like a child as suggestion when you treats old machinery as playground equipment during her adventures.

Other then the mention short length and to be continued ending....this was a very beautiful game to behold.



My Friends Are Djs #68 - "Time'n Stuff"

The main inspiration for this is....if asked any djs what would they love more of...one of the top things would be time. Djs are extremely busy on tour with little to no to explore the various stops on their journey so more time is very much needed to do things. In the comic world....Fortuna is also a brewer of things other then luck. However like the luck she brews they come with a huge warning. Only use when needed. The background is actually the inside of one my flowers magnified then brightness adjusted to make it monochrome pink.